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Who We Are


To establish and constitute on intellectual moral, self reliant, self esteemed and empowered and empowered a just fair society without any social, Gender, cultural and community discrimination.


To organize the vulnerable people into mutually supporting, self help groups and educating them on moral and value oriented education, for promoting family welfare preventing communal discrimination, social irregularities. To identify and transform all available resources for the development model to create them to be responsible citizen and a proper of our members of human society with humanity and human rights promotion to ensure an equity society

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Ultra NGO Objectives

To Promote health without side effect like Yoga and Medicine less therapy

To create HIV / AIDS awareness among School pupils and general public

To Provide Skill trainings and Vocational Trainings to Rural People for then sustainable development in the socioeconomics status

To Promote women status through women self help groups

To stop environment issues by multiple awareness programs

To Promote education by technical education


400, Burgur Road, Anthiyur,

Anthiyur Tk, Erode Dt – 638501

Tel: 98659 19171, 04256-290003